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I've lost my receipt, how do I upload this to Dext?

If you don’t have a receipt that shows the VAT you will need to submit the suppliers VAT number so the VAT can be claimed. Please contact your Client Manager to advise them of this. 


How do I produce a pension report from BrightPay?

To get this information select a report you wish to run in the Analysis section > click on Add/Remove Columns > click the Employer items tab > at the bottom you can tick to show the Qualifying Earnings > run report.

How do I pay HMRC directly from the portal? 

Download the P30, in the HMRC payments section in Connect the reference is at the bottom of the P30 pdf document. The reference does not appear on the P30 preview in Connect.

Does BrightPay have an employee app? 

Yes, you can download the app via Google Play or the App Store below.

How do I find all the online features & benefits BrightPay offer?

Click here to find out! 

Click here to view a range of useful BrightPay video tutorials


How do I pay my Self assessment tax bill?

To pay your tax bill click here, please note you will need your unique taxpayer reference (UTR) number at hand.

How to find your company authentication code?

You can request to have your code sent to your home address, click here request your code.

What is a Self Assessment tax bill?

‘Payments on account’ are advance payments towards your tax bill. You usually make 2 payments on account. However, there are some exceptions. Read more information here.

What is a director's loan account?

A director’s loan account (DLA) is effectively a loan from the business to the director. If the director uses the company’s bank account to pay for personal items, the transaction will be debited to the DLA likewise, if the director pays for a business item using their personal account then we will process a journal which will be credited to the DLA. If the DLA has more debits than credits, it will be overdrawn at the year end and the director should repay this amount within 9 months and 1 day of the year end to avoid paying S455 tax. If the director does not repay within this time frame then S455 tax will be due however once the DLA is repaid, the director will receive a refund of the tax paid.

How to find your unique taxpayer reference
(UTR) number

Your UTR is on previous tax returns and other documents from HMRC:

- Notices to file a return 

- Payment reminders

If you still can't find your number from these documents you will need to contact HMRC, here's how you can get in touch.

How do I change my address?

From time to time you may need to change your company address for your accounts and tax. It’s important that you ensure you make the change to all accounts. You can find all the details on where you need to change the information and how to do so, here.


Do I need a separate business bank account?

It's important to have a separate business bank account to your personal bank account to have clear lines between business and personal transactions. You will then need to link your business bank account to sage so we are able to start on your book keeping.