January 7

Outsourced Finance Director Services In 2021


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With lessons from COVID-19 being felt, business structures, processes and strategy have all been impacted.

For some organisation finance departments have change the way they are working.  With the availability of software and cloud options efficiencies and remote working is become normal and continues to drive further change and efficiency.

As a result of the above it seems demand for outsourced Finance Director service (FD) is more popular than ever.   This is not sector specific with demand coming from SME business, charity and educations sectors.

Directors/CEOs, Boards or business owners need support as they tend to be person picking up FD functions and will delay recruitment until there is a full time FD position.  

Outsourcing a part time or interim Finance Director service is ideal for situations described below:

  • Recruitment is difficult and recruitment fees can be high at the higher end skill set market particularly for a part time position
  • The entity’s structures need to change and adapt before a full time FD is employed
  • A one off project or interim support requirement
  • A finance manager needs support and coaching to reach the FD/next level
  • The budget or value of employing a full time FD is not available

Some immediate benefits of outsourcing FD services are:

  • CEO/Board/Director improved efficiency
    • From delegation
    • Reliable and good quality information provided from the FD
    • Engagement/training from monthly meetings to present data or a project with personal or video meeting options
    • Review of a risk area or concern with a report and recommendations
  • Finance team
    • Efficiency and improvement in systems
    • Motivation for team 
    • Training for team
    • Support for compliance checks such as year end audit 

Finance Director services typically requested include:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts
  • Review and commentary of monthly management accounts
  • Project support
  • Review of finance systems and training
  • To adapt systems for growth and expansion 
  • Interim support
  • Internal audit

At Infinitas we enjoy working closely with Directors of various organisation to support them with FD services.  We provide a very personal and tailored programme with no contract tie in.  We strive to not only make the Directors life easier but also provide a lot of value for money with our depth of knowledge in compliance, accounting, taxation and professional experience.  Our services use strong technology and investment into the future of cloud and software in our working practices.


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